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Costa Rica Real Estate for Sale Success Lies Just North of Its Border

With a new international airport, a new, top-of-the-line medical facility and a major highway expansion. All of these projects are underway (or have been completed) in Costa Rica's Southern Pacific coast. And all of them financed by the Costa Rican government. Why? Is it to make life better for the people of Costa Rica? Perhaps. Very likely, actually?in the long run.

But more immediately, the government's actions are more than likely designed to create a repeat performance of the success in developing the nation's Northern Pacific coast. There are literally miles upon miles and hundreds of acres of land available on Costa Rica's Southern Pacific coast just waiting to be developed. Much of it is ocean view real estate but the Southern Pacific coast terrain is diverse. Inland areas offer land on the edge of rainforests, views from atop mountains, and picturesque vistas from within charming valleys.

This natural variety is what has piqued foreign investors' interest in Costa Rica's Southern Pacific coast real estate. However, it's the manmade perks of the Southern Pacific coast region that's making them buy into the region sooner rather than later. The Costa Rican government has been anything but shy in letting real estate investors know that they are welcome in the country.

They're offering major tax breaks, incentives for real estate purchases, and other enticements to spur interest in the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica. To make the decision to invest in the area irresistible, the government has also started multiple construction projects to make the region more accessible. The major projects include extending the main coastal highway through most of Costa Rica's Southern Pacific coast and shelling out millions to construct a new international airport in Sierpe.

The Costa Rican government used tactics similar to those described above when trying to drive development and tourism in the North Pacific?and anyone who has followed real estate and tourism in Costa Rica, even a little, knows how well that turned out. So far, the government's efforts are proving to be effective in the South as well. Land sales are on the rise, developments are springing up, and tourism in the Southern Pacific coastal region is picking up. So, if you're looking for an excellent real estate investment, now is definitely the time to be looking at Costa Rica's Southern Pacific coast. by David Lovendahl, Developing Paradise TM.

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