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Student Credit Cards - Why They Really Are Necessary

by Kim Stevens

With more and more reports on student debt increasing to an extent that means graduates are still repaying their debts ten years or more after graduating, you would be forgiven for thinking that you should avoid student credit cards. This, however, doesn't have to be the case. There are a number of reasons why you may need a credit card and used wisely and carefully, student credit cards can prove to be invaluable assets.

Using A Student Credit Card For Safe Shopping

It's a fact that more and more people are partaking in Internet shopping of one variety or another. There is a very real chance that you will want to make a purchase over the Internet, whether you are buying your weekly grocery shopping or a birthday present for someone back home. The Internet offers excellent opportunity to purchase items at reduced prices that you wouldn't ordinarily have access to. A student credit card enables you to shop safely and securely online. Credit cards in general offer a method of secure shopping and many offer insurance against purchases made online.

Building A Future Credit History

Building a credit history is not a simple task for many people but student credit cards enable you to do just that. When the time arrives to buy a house or make a major purchase of a car or other item, you will struggle to find any lender willing to offer you credit unless you have borrowed money before. By using credit cards for college students and ensuring that you make the necessary repayments by the date they are due you will be diligently building a credit history that will benefit you greatly in the future.

Joint Ownership

Credit cards for college students come in various different guises. Possibly the safest option is a student credit card that offers joint ownership between student and parent. This allows parents to repay some or a majority of the credit borrowed but also gives the student the opportunity to repay some of the balance as well. By deciding on a course of action, a budget and spending limits before the card arrives, you can have access to funds when you need them but still be forced to operate sensibly and within your own financial confines.

Limitations And Incentives

As with many cards, credit cards for college students have a set credit limit. Usually these limits are fairly low because students have no or little income to repay the amount borrowed. Again, this can help to manage spending and budgeting effectively. Another feature common to many cards is the incentive program. Credit cards for college students also tend to offer rewards or incentives, although they are usually based around student life and the sensible use of a credit card.

Student life can be a financially difficult time for students and for their parents. A student credit card gives access to money in the case of emergencies or for necessary purchases. Emergency use is the one time when most students and families will see real value in a credit card. By choosing a card that offers joint ownership between parent and child, the spending limit is curbed to some extent and sensible spending and sensible repayment is encouraged.

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