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Great Cycles For Advanced Lifters Part

Sooner or later all top lifters after years of experienced training and with an amazing physique will consider to just specialise in one type of lift. Normally they come to this decision as a motivation factor due to basically coming to a dead end. What I mean by that is that lifters end up training so hard just to maintain their physical strength and they stop achieving growth, so something has to change quickly. What you really need to concentrate is your focus and the ability to change it, so instead to killing yourself every session, just do a couple of lifts at 100% and just maintain the rest. The effect on your body will be felt immediately as you you begin to recover a lot quicker and you will actually begin to see progress again. From a bodybuilding perspective this same approach can be used to bring up a lagging body part and improve balance and symmetry.

For most of you this will mean growing some feckin legs! The downside is that you can not expect progress in all lifts, but ask yourself this.would you rather make progress in some lifts or none? Before you decide to take this approach to your training you need to make sure you are already doing all you can to enhance your recovery ability. How is your nutrition? Targeted supplementation? Physical means of restoration such as hydrotherapy and massage? Pedagogical means such as a well structured program of training including active rest where appropriate? Is everything already impeccable or are there improvements that you could make? If you know you are slacking in your approach to restoration, or your training volume / frequency is inappropriate then sort it out before you go in for a specialised approach such as the one I am about to describe. However, if everything is perfect with your nutrition, restoration etc and you are simply no longer making progress, then give this a try. Choose one lift in which you will specialise, and please bear in mind that cable crossovers and triceps kick backs are not "lifts"! A possible list of lifts commonly used by bodybuilders and their relating bodyparts would be something like this: Squat: Posterior chain (erectors, glutes, hamstrings), Quads. Deadlifts: Posteriors chain, quads, traps.

Stiff Leg deadlifts: Posterior chain, traps. Standing Press: Deltoids, triceps. Weighted Chins: Lats, teres, rhomboids, biceps, rear delts. Bench Press: Pecs, front delts, triceps. Part 2 coming soon or just go and find it on the mickhart blog if you cant wait.

Written By Leading Bodybuilding And Steroid Expert Mick Hart. For further bodybuilding and training tips go to Mick's new blog

Credit Cards

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