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Pesonal Influence in Business

The influencing is a process, when you convince other person to change their attitudes or / and relations, belief or conduct. There are many methods to make it work, but they usually get in one of six categories, each of which administers by the basic psychological principle. These principles: a succession, interchange, social responsibility, conformity, sympathy and deficiency.

The obligations and succession This principle is encompass following: as soon as person makes a decision, he begins to behave sequentially according to it. To illustrate it,suppose, that you purchase the new automobile; you have undertaken trial trip in several ambulances and have made the choice. The seller has named to you the price of this automobile. You go to rack to issue papers, and, when the seller hands them to you, it appears, that the price in the invoice on some hundreds dollars is higher, than was indicated. What do you do ? You, is interquartile, begin to take exception, but the seller explains, that the primal price was only "Net" and did not include preparation of papers and related issues. Most likely, the majority of the people creaking by dents will be signed these papers.

Why? Because they already internally have caused and urged themselves to purchase this car. But it is possible, that they will disagree on overpay and will begin to search the automobile in the other dealers. It is one of the reasons, why in the project it is better to have the people, which one have agreed to all terms, than those whom have nominated.

When the people internally undertake to be connected with the project, is greater of chances, that they will execute well all the operation requirements, to maintain the project, and then it is good to respond about this experience. In psychology there is also principle called cognition as a discord (as cognitive dissent), which one relates to uncertainty of some people at a choice. As soon as you purchase the new automobile, you will read still a lot of the declarations about the same pattern. You attempt to convince yourselves, that you have made correctly, and will cease to irritate about that choice, which one could not give %100 -s' reliance. Let's consider mutual relation of two persons: let's name them And and In. The theory of justice asserts and approves, that they attempt to receive results proportional to their investments.

That is each person expects from this mutual relation of receiving benefit proportional to a volume, that he/she puts in into this mutual relation. It is also expected, that Results will be approximately equal to contribution. If the equality is not respected, the person receiving smaller result, will consider a situation unfair.

He/She puts in mutual relation more, than other person, and receives proportionally less. If this inequality do not to correct, is possible to expect, that the mutual relation will be discontinued. In other words, all mutual relation is the mutual, exchange attitudes and relations investment, and if this exchange between the people does not satisfy their expectations, then the mutual relation can dissolve. A simple example: one person finds out, that he already invited 10 times of other person to visit any measures, and that did not anyhow have recieved a respons on such invition. What it signifies? - the question arises by itself. Probably, it signifies, that other person is not so hardly cares of him, as he cares of this person.

Having come to such conclusion inviting very soon ends the relation with invited.

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