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Real Estate Email Scam

Be aware of a recently identified email based scam that seems to have leveled its interest at the online real estate industry. At this point we don't know weather it is a relatively innocent attempt to gather personal information, identity theft or if the ultimate plan is significantly more sinister. These humans verve through online listings and witting interest on a property listed for sale.

The primeval inquiry is pleasing standard and innocent. Something homologous ? "Hello Seller, We are enticed monopoly buying your property. Stir up back to us via e - mail if still available. Have a remarkable weekend.

" or "Hello Seller, We are undoubted struck pull your property placed for sale. Strike back if still available for us. Have a peachy day". The succeed up email gets largely more specific, and has a series of numbered questions ? some are real estate related, others are significantly more personal. Here is a series of questions by the bogus buyer as pulled from an actual follow up email - Questions 7, 8, 9 and 10 are particularly troubling and invasive.

1. Whats the firm price? 2. Is the property originally painted? 3.

What major repairs has been done? 4. How the property has been maintained. 5. Any records available? 6.

How many owners? 7. Insurance certificate if any? 8. When did you buy the property and why do you want to sell it? 9. Are you a US citizen? 10.

The property and the ownership is on whose name? Even after refusing to provide answers to questions 7, 8, 9 and 10 the scam continues?. Rev Martins Hord wrote: Greetings! We had accepted your price which is 218, 900. we will be making a deposit of $40, 000 to you for the property. We had made out a certified check of $40, 000 then the balance of $10, 000 is for our broker for his trip to your states for property inspection and other necessary renovation and welfare. So you ' re required to deduct the deposit of $30, 000 and send the balance of $10, 000 to my friend who is presently in united state and he is also a broker that based in United Kingdom via money gram money transfer to enable him offset other necessary arrangements.

I told me everything regarding the property and he has promised to help me. Once the broker meets you and inspects the property. Your remaining balance will made available for you. Just consider the property under contract for now and hold on for the arrival of the broker. You are advise to confirm this listed information stated below for the delivery of your payment via courier service mail to your address Legal Name: Address: Cell Phone Number: Home Number: It is required for check payment to be delivered direct to you; this is for security reasons, again that I am paying directly to you in person and for easy communication b / w both of you. Regards, Rev Martins Did you spot the "RED FLAGS"? How to avoid this particular and other related email scams? 1.

Do not, under any circumstances, hand out personal information ? it is not necessary until closing. 2. Insist on speaking directly ? most of these types of scams are exclusive to email.

3. Understand that 99. 9 % of residential buyers are going to personally view a property before they start talking money let alone make a full asking price offer. 4. Beware of "Overseas" buyers ? email addresses are usually not USA based and most of these scams are based overseas to avoid persecution in USA. 5.

Most Importantly - remember the old adage ? if it sounds too good to be true ? it likely is!.

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