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Tips to Fail Miserably at Selling Your Home

So you want to know how to be an utter failure at selling your home. I completely understand. I have spoken to countless people while consulting with home sellers over the years that had the same goals even if they did not realize it at the time. When you want to completely fail at selling your home the first key thing you need to do is not hire a good Realtor.

When you are trying to unsuccessfully sell your home the last thing you need is a real estate professional that understands the market, the pricing and techniques to get your home sold fast? So don't even talk to a Realtor. If you don't want to sell your home I guarantee that you can accomplish that task all by yourself by the time you finish reading this article. If you make the mistake of getting a professional real estate agent involved they might actually do the unthinkable and sell your home. The next absolute requirement when you don't want to sell your home is called over pricing. Find out what the comparable homes in your area have recently sold for and tack on a zero.

Tack on two if you're feeling frisky. You may need to contact a Realtor to get that recent sales data which goes directly against the point we just made so have your neighbor, your friend, you co-worker or even your boss call. Do not violate the first point by talking to a professional Realtor yourself because that might lead to you actually selling your home. Who needs an effective marketing plan when you your goal is to not sell? Not you, so don't think about the marketing systems, networking, advertising and home buyer leads that are available to Realtors, because you don't need them. Real estate professionals may be tapped into the market, but your goal is to be tapped out so you probably should try For Sale by Owner for a while. Now to get your home properly prepared to not sell you should take a quick walk through your home and I emphasize quick.

You should probably put on some blinders so that you don't actually see the worn carpet, cracked tile, broken windows, outdated kitchen, peeling paint and shoddy landscaping. Let that hot water heater leak. Who needs hot water anyway? If the home buyer is that fixated on having a hot shower they can fix it themselves.

Be sure not to take notice of any items like this on your walk through. You might get a wild and crazy urge to fix something and that could undermine all your efforts to not to sell your home. If you happen to come across someone that wants to look at your home, make it as inconvenient as possible for them.

Only give them about a 10 minute window to see it and definitely not on the day and time that is convenient for them. Let them know next Friday about 2:00 AM works for you as you will be getting home from the clubs about then. Putting the potential home buyers off for a while also gives you time to make sure that your home is as untidy as possible.

Leave the dirty clothes lying around. In my experience about 2 feet deep on the floor is the magic mark. Leaving dirty dishes about 5 days worth in the sink and on the kitchen counter should have the potential home buyers running for the doors. They could even trip over themselves in their haste so set up a video camera to catch the action. I hope that you enjoyed our little article and found it useful.

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