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Make money with credit cards!

by Brandon Harris

Hello and welcome if this is your first time reading this guide to get you started making money (or saving money) with credit cards. Now, we understand that you are anxious and want to start making money right away, but you must be sure you do it the right way to maximize your results and earn as much money as possible. Just spend a few minutes reading through this, and then you will be ready to go.

Step 1:Why would credit card companies pay ME?

Ok, so what's all the hype about? Well, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. You're not going to make a TON of money, but you can definitely make some cash, get some prizes, free flights, gas and more. You have to remember, credit card companies are some of the wealthiest companies on the planet. Just think how much they spend sending you all of those advertisements day after day... it is definitely not cheap. Keep in mind 99% of people just toss them in the trash anyways. Credit card companies make a fortune off of fees, interest and other types of promotions. They are multi-billion dollar companies. To stay competitive, credit card companies constantly have to come up with ways to attract people to their credit cards. It could be something as the credit card looking "cool", having a low interest rate, no annual fees, or lately, cash back on purchases you make.

Step 2: So, how much money can I make?

There are credit cards that are willing to pay you 5% cash back on anything you purchase. So say you charge your college tuition, for $5000... that is $250 you would save right there... of course the credit cards have an annual limit of how much you can get cash back each year.. Usually it is around $500. This is per credit card... so if you have a few cash back cards.. you could save hundreds a year for doing absolutely nothing besides using your credit card. Why pay cash when you can charge it and save money (assuming you pay it off every month). Just imagine saving 2-5% off anything you buy EVER again.

Step 3: Lets see some proof!

You can see a recent credit card statement of mine with the Chase Perfect Card. They give you 3% off any gas purchase, and 1% off anything else I charge. Just click here for proof.

Step 4: Alright, I'm convinced.. how do I sign up?

To sign up, it is easy. Just Click Here and you will be taken to our members area that has already done the homework for you, and selected the cards that are the MOST worthwhile for you. All you have to do is decided which cards you want, and click on the link in that page. You will then be taken to a page where you fill out an online application. Once you're approved, they'll send you your card within a weeks time! Some cards even have instant approval, however some may take a day or two.

About the Author

Brandon Harris has been involved in web marketing and work at home businesses since the late 1990s.

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